A Few Shaving Extras

As well as buying a hair clipper there may be a few other bits that you need to make your life a bit easier.


It may seem obvious  but a mirror is a really vital part of any hair cut.  Why? Because you need to be able to see the front and the back to make sure it’s neat and even.  You don’t need anything fancy and what you get may well be dictated by where you cut your hair and the space you have.

This is a pretty cool mirror, designed for use in the shower.  Whist you might not want a mirror in the shower all of the time, if you are wanting to cut your hair in there then this should really be in your shopping list.  Completely fog free and with no suction cups required this is good little buy.


This free standing mirror does exactly what it says on the tin.  It’s cheap and cheerful but will happily sit on any table, dressing table or bathroom shelf and with a swivel that allows you to position it where you need it and one side being magnified you really don’t need much more to get the job done.


This mirror attached to the wall and very neatly folds back flush when not in use.  The mirror itself swivels so that you can position it where you want it and comes with a choice of a 7x or 10x magnifying side.  Very reasonably priced and with a smart, clean look, this would look great if you have room for it on your bathroom wall.



You may laugh at the sight of them, but a shaving bib is actually a really great idea if you don’t want to be grabbing the hoover every time you have a hair cut.

This bib includes 2 suction cups so you can create a ‘hammock’ which will catch all of your hair and beard.  The bib will also cover your  shoulders so will catch the hairs from your cut.  Is it a necessary shaving item? No.  But it is a pretty nifty invention and you’ll never be miserable wearing will you?



Again, this is a pretty obvious thing you’re going to need and that you probably already have.  There’s a few combs out there though that can make your job a little bit easier.

This handy little comb has 2 comb sides as well as a curved and straight side to help you with hair and beard trimming.