Clipper oil

As we’ve set out in our maintenance section, it is really important to keep your clippers well oiled to prolong the life of them.  If you do not oil your blades you will find that they will pull at your hair as the blades will rub against each other, making them unable to run at the required speed.  As well as making your cut very uncomfortable – no-one likes having their hair pulled! – it will also make it less precise and you will find your self going over areas again.  This rubbing will also cause friction which in turn will make the blades hot and reduce their life.

So now you know how important oil is, what should you use?  Firstly, please don’t head out to the garage to get your motor oil as that is just too heavy and will clog your blades!  Although some people say the have used things like baby oil or coconut oil, it is really best to use the oil specifically designed for blades and as they are really very inexpensive it’s worth getting the right tool for the job.  All it takes is a few drops on either side of the blades before each cut – think of it as similar to putting toothpaste on your toothbrush before your brush your teeth!

Here’s a handy little video to show you where to apply the oil.

As for the make of oil to use Wahl Lubricatng Oil for Clippers is a sound choice and with a 4 floz bottle will last you a good long while.  Oster also have a good clipper oil as do Braun and Panasonic.