Crew Cut

This is the shortest style of them all and can be good for those of you who are looking for a style that always looks its best.  If you want to keep this look sharp, you really need to be keeping on top of it regularly, though it shouldn’t take you too long.  This style is also popular with men who are conscious of thinning hair as, depending how you see it, you’re speeding up the process or disguising it.  There are 2 stages to this cut.  If you don’t want or need to go the whole way, feel free to stop at the clipper stage.

You will need to use a mirror for this cut to make sure you get the precise finish it needs.

  1. You want your clipper on the shortest cut for this one and, starting behind your ear, work around the back and other side using a smooth, upwards motion.
  2. Moving to the top of your head continue the smooth, straight strokes working from front to back.  You may need to run over some of the spots again to give you the precise finish you’re after.
  3. If you’re wanting an even shorter finish, use your shaver to completely shave your head.  Again you will need your mirror for this.