Hair Clipper Maintenance

As with anything, if you look after your hair clippers they will last longer and do a more efficient job.  Here’s a quick list of the main things to do to keep your clippers tip top:

1. Always clean the blades of the clipper before and after each use. If there are any stray hairs that are still in the clipper it could interfere with the use of the clippers so use a small brush to brush off any hair or debris that may be on the cutting blade.

2. Regularly add some clipper oil to the blade. Turn on the blade and let it run for few seconds to allow the oil to get into all of different crevices of the blade. This will help offer longer life to the clippers and the blade.

3. This seems an obvious one but keep all your clipper accessories together.  There’s nothing worse than going to do a quick trim and not being able to find your spacers or the guard you need.  That’ll turn a 5 minute job into a 20 minute hunt.  Storing your clippers in a box will also prevent any accidents that could damage the clippers or accessories.

4. Make sure your hair is clean of any hair products before you start cutting.  Any gel or mousse could get into the blades or mechanism and will just mean you having to do a more thorough cleaning job at the end.