Male Hair Trimmer Maintenance

There are always going to be things to do to keep your male hair trimmers in line, what will be important is that you remember to do it, and you do it properly. Here we will show you how to care for your new male hair trimmer. Cleaning and how to properly use them in 5 easy steps:

1. It is going to be important to clean the blades of the clipper anytime you are going to be using it, and after each use. This will become habit eventually. If there are any stray hairs that are still in the clipper it could interfere with the use of the clippers. Use a small brush to brush off any hair or debris that may be on the cutting blade.

2. You will want to add some clipper oil to the blade. Turn on the blade and let it run for few seconds to allow the oil to get into all of different crevices of the blade. This will help offer longer life to the clippers and the blade. One step in maintenance care of your new male hair trimmer.

3. As you get ready to cut your hair go through and decide on how much hair you want to cut the first time. Check to see if this particular set came with spacers. The spacers help you to keep an even distance from the blade and your head. Example: you use a one inch spacer simply run the clipper over your hair with the spacer provided. Once you are done your entire head of hair will have one inch of hair. This is beneficial for a quick trim at home.

4. Keep in mind there are going to always be advantages to having someone else cut or trim your hair for you. And it will always be quicker, but if you are one who likes to get the job done themselves, remember to use a comb to help measure the length you are wanting to trim.

5. Lastly you will want to clean up the areas around your ears. After that your neck and back with the closest setting on your clippers. Obviously offering you that fresh and clean look at the end of your trim. Last extra tip: When you are sure you are done you can rub or splash some baby powder or lotion on your neck to help limit the razor burn. And for last minute maintenance you need to add more oil to the blades to keep the blades in good condition.

Male Hair Trimmer

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