Something to try in 2019

It would be unfair to say that men are less likely to be adventurous with their hair cuts so why not have a look at what’s hot for 2018.  Whilst you might look at these and think you couldn’t recreate the look, if you look carefully at them you may well find similarities between those and the basic cuts we have in our ‘How to…’ section, which could help you get the look you’re trying to recreate.

So, let’s have a delve into the looks being created at the minute…

The textured crop

This is effectively the ‘short back and sides’ that has been around for years, but the look for this year is much bolder.  Going much shorter round the back and sides and much longer on the top really adds that edge.  A straight fringe and lots of texture really adds to this modern look.  If you like the look but don’t fancy something quite as edgy, leave the sides a little longer and the grading more gradual towards the top of your head.

Buzz and Crew Cuts

These are both classic styles that have an overhaul for this year.  Instead of using the same comb all the way round, there is grading added to the sides, which adds a bit of interest, though is effectively a skin fade due to this being a short cut to start with.  A great cut for a holiday as it will continue to look good over a couple of weeks and maintain the graduated interest as it gets longer.







The Textured Quiff

A big help to the popularity of this style is the fact that David Beckham has just adopted this as his look for summer 2018.  Starting with a skin fade at the bottom graduating to a much longer top – how long depends on whether you are after a long or short quiff.  The advantage of the short quiff is that it can be styled or unstyled, depending on your time restraints in a morning.  If you are wanting to style your quiff it will need blowdrying to maintain the style and achieve the volume you need.  The cut may also prove a little tricky for you to do yourself as a large part of the style is the texture that needs to be cut into the quiff.  This is achieved by cutting into the hair or using texturising scissors.