The Business Cut

This is a simple cut that is conservative enough for work but can be styled up for an evening or weekend look.  The other plus side is that it is really simple to do and can be a look that you can keep looking sharp in no time at all.

  1. Choose you guard attachment.  Not something too short, around a grade 3 would be good.  If you’d like it shorter you can always choose a shorter guard and go back over it.  Start from behind you ear and work you way around the back and other side.  If you comb your hair as you go you will be able too how your hair lies.
  2. Change your guard to one that is longer as this will be the length of the your hair at the top of your head.   It’s personal preference but a grade 5 might be a good start.  Cut the hair from front to back as this will help to thin your hair out as you cut.
  3. Final step is to blend the sides and back with the top and trim around the nape of your neck.