Tousled Cut

The tousled cut is a great relaxed cut that needs very little upkeep – hooray!  You can change the look with styling gels and waxes or leave it eu natural if you have neither the time of the energy!

  1.  Prepare you hair by getting it slightly damp and comb through that it lies flat on your head.
  2. Choose your clipper guard for the sides and back, not one that will cut your hair too short – maybe a grade 3.  Start your cutting in front of the ear and your way around the head.
  3. Time for the top so choose a guard that will leave your hair really long.  You might even want to remove the guard all together and use your finger to lift the hair and clip off above your finger at the length you require (like a hairdresser would do with scissors).  You might want to leave your fringe longer but just keep trimming til you’re happy.
  4. Choose a comb in between the ones you have used for the sides and top and then blend the sides into the top working from behind the ears around to the back.
  5. Style as you wish.